CertTESOL Application for Enrolment

Application Form & Pre-Interview Task (CertTESOL Course)

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Before you apply for your course, please make sure you have read and understood our CONDITIONS OF ENROLMENT and our HOW TO PAY guide. You may also wish to read our SCHOOL POLICIES.
You application will be considered rapidly and you may be asked to attend an interview.

SECTION 1 - About You

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(*) If you require a halal, lactose-free or coeliac diet in a homestay, a charge of £25 per week will be applied.

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SECTION 2 - Your Programme

Course Details
Accomodation (in-school courses only - does not apply to online courses)

NB: a premium of £25 per week applies to all homestay accommodation from 26 June – 14 August 2022

All Students in residential accommodation will be required on arrival to provide credit/debit card details to cover the cost of a £100 security deposit for lost keys or damage of any kind. Payment will be made and a refund, minus any deductions, will be made on your departure day. Damage must be paid for at the cost of repair/replacement. In the event of collective damage in a flat where no single individual claims responsibility, the damage bill will be shared equally among the occupants of the flat.

Do you need to apply a visa before entering the UK? See UK Visa
We strongly recommend that you have comprehensive insurance cover. The school can arrange this for you. For more information: Adult Insurance
Airport Transfers

SECTION 3 - Communication

Terms & Conditions

SECTION 4 - Pre-Interview Task

This is not a test; it is designed to make you aware of some of the interesting features of language and teaching language. Please use short, concise notes when answering the questions. Often there may not be a correct answer so express your opinion freely.

Section A – Learning & Language
Section B – Language Awareness
a. The difference in meaning between the two sentences
b. The names of the structures that have been underlined
c. An example of a past participle.

I have eaten breakfast this morning.
I ate breakfast this morning.
a. He plays football every week.
b. The plane leaves at 3.30pm on Friday.
c. “Man kills lion”.
a. You have to show your passport at the immigration desk.
b. You must show your passport at the immigration desk.
a. You don’t have to come to the meeting.
b. You mustn’t come to the meeting.
c. You should come to the meeting.
Section C – Methodology
a. jump
b. handsome
c. comma
d. kettle
Section D – Reflection
Thank you for your application
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