INSET for UK Schools

INSET for UK Schools


The number of students in UK schools whose first language is not English is increasing.
Government figures (Jan 2018) identify that 21.2% of primary school children and 16.6% of secondary school pupils use another language other than English at home. You may have wondered why some of your pupils do not, for example, use articles or they leave out the verb ‘to be’; they may have difficulties understanding cultural references which you use or your pupils may quickly lose attention in class as they reach linguistic overload. These are common features of learners who are receiving input in their second language.

Primary & secondary teachers

Sessions tailored to your needs

1/2 day to a week

Flexible dates

At your school, our centre or online

The course will be tailored specifically to your school’s needs. It can be:

– any length from a half-day session up to a week-long programme
– delivered at your school, at our centre
– scheduled during holiday time, weekends, or the working week (fitting around school hours)
– based on more specifically-defined language needs (knowledge and/or teaching practice)

We also offer INSET to teachers of other modern languages. This focuses primarily on language teaching approaches, methods, procedures and techniques. Commonly requested topics include 1st and 2nd language acquisition theories, student engagement, learning styles, lesson planning, classroom management and materials use. We tailor this service to meet your training development needs, as well as your tight schedules. Your INSET can be booked as a standalone session or as part of a course of up to 5 days.

From £85/hr + travel expense



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