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Teacher Training in Your Country

Let us come to you! At the Lewis Teacher Training Centre, we deliver teacher training courses all over the world. Over the past few years we’ve delivered courses to Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and beyond.
Courses in your country

Visiting you allows us to gain a greater insight into your needs based on your specific context. Teachers have described our approach as being one that understands the real challenges faced in today’s classrooms, eg large classes, mixed abilities and motivation levels.

Training visit

A Training Visit brings our specialist(s) to you to run a free appraisal of your department, including a free workshop for your teachers and a free lesson for your students! We showcase our skills and expertise, so you can get to know us first-hand, and in turn, our visit allows us an insight into your context, to aid future collaborations, such as an English language course or teacher training programme.

Conference speaking

If you are running a teaching conference and would like a speaker, our trainers could be the ideal solution! See our Training Topics page to get an idea of what we can cover at your event, and contact us to discuss your specific needs.



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