Online Conversation Classes 13+

Online Conversation Classes

Do you wish your child could practise his/her English speaking?
Enrol them onto our weekly Junior conversation classes!

Your children will meet peers from around the world attending a virtual Junior international class lead by our expert teachers.

Online Conversation

Once a week

International classes – max. students per class: 10

From Pre-Intermediate (A2) Level and above

Course length: 5 weeks

Ages: Juniors 11+

Aims of the course

You will

– learn about pronunciation, vocabulary and functional language.
– learn practical speaking skills in a fun and friendly environment.
– review the pronunciation of  words and have the chance to practise  by having access to our free self-study area dedicated to your learning and development.

Your classes

The classes are divided into higher and lower levels.
The teacher follows a fun and interactive syllabus with one elective class at the end of the course. This means that students will vote on a theme (or suggest a new theme)  for the class!
The classes will focus on practical topics like “making a hotel reservation”, “opening a bank account”, as well as cultural topics like “festivals around the world”.
You will  meet and make friends from different countries and cultures.


The Lewis Self-study Centre is available all times to fit around your studies and schedule.

Conversation Classes Sample Table
– Making friends
– Socialising
– Text (SMS) forms of messages
– Product names
– Asking for help
– Returning an item
– Making a reservation
– Ordering food
– Making a complaint
– Different terms & expressions
– US Vs British Vs Australian English
Students suggest a topic that is relevant for them
How to book

You can inquire for availability and book your course by clicking on the yellow button at the top of this page and filling in a form.

Arrange a test

When you register with us, we will send you a link to take an online level test.
You will take this test and get a score and will receive an email from our Academic Manager to arrange an appointment for a speaking test.
The test will be a maximum of 15 minutes and it will be an informal conversation.
We will combine the level of your written online test and your speaking test to choose the perfect class for you.
You will receive a link to your class and the self-study platform.
You will need to download the app Zoom.
You teacher will email you the link/code to start your first class.

Please contact us to check availability and dates.
Late afternoon & evening lessons also available.
£ 70 per 5 lessons (5 weeks/1 hr a week)

For group prices, please fill in this form.



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