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Online Teacher Courses

Collaborative training courses that fit in around you.
If you’re looking for a convenient, engaging and cost-effective way of enhancing your professional development, our online courses could be the ideal solution.

They’re designed for both new and experienced English language teachers. It doesn’t matter if you teach adults or young learners. We will focus on how to engage, motivate and involve learners of all ages and backgrounds. The course is open to native and non-native speakers of English, but a B1 level is required.

Like with any course, there are deadlines to complete the work, but you can fit your studies around your personal schedule and commitments. There will be lots of collaboration with other participants, but you don’t need to be online at the same time, making it easy for teachers from different time zones to work together. This is a great way to ‘meet’ people from other countries and share experiences and good practice. You’ll also be able to put new ideas into practice straight away in your day-to-day teaching environment.

Our philosophy is the same, whether you study with us face-to-face or online. We are passionate about delivering high quality educational services and believe that working with small groups allows us to get to know our customers better and tailor our courses to their needs. Your tutors are all qualified and experienced teacher trainers, who will guide you through the course and provide regular feedback and support.

Time commitment

Courses are made up of a number of modules and you will cover one module a week (each approximately 5 hours’ work). You will receive a Lewis Online Learning certificate if at least 80% of the work is successfully completed and submitted by the end of the course.

Helping Students with Pronunciation

2 weeks
For primary, secondary and adult teachers

Getting Creative with Resources

2 weeks
For primary, secondary and adult teachers


12 weeks (online; part-time): 8 Jun.-4 Sep. 2021
12 weeks (in-school; part-time): 14 Sep.-11 Dec. 2021

Student-Centred Teaching

4 weeks
For primary, secondary and adult teachers



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