Courses in Your Country

Courses in your country

Let Lewis come to you!

At the Lewis Teacher Training Centre, we deliver teacher training courses all over the world. Over the past few years we’ve delivered courses to Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and beyond. Visiting you allows us to gain a greater insight into your needs based on your specific context. Teachers have described our approach as being one that understands the real challenges faced in today’s classrooms, eg large classes, mixed abilities and motivation levels.

Cost-effective – you save on travel, visas, and accommodation

Time-saving – you eliminate time spent on organising a project abroad

Convenient – we work around your schedule at any point in the year

Inclusive – we train your entire team as opposed to only a few of your teachers flying to us

Context-specific – you receive a course directly relating to teacher and student needs

A course coming to you can be 100% tailored, in both structure and content. We need to learn about your school and continuous professional development (CPD) objectives. In order to do this we invite you to:
– discuss your requirements with us – contact us to arrange a convenient time
– browse our Training Topics to find out what we can offer teachers
– complete the Course Design Questionnaire, and email it to us at
We’ll do the rest! We will then present an indicative course plan and price quotation for your approval. Perhaps you would like us to deliver one of our UK-based courses in your country. We can adapt one of our existing courses so that it more directly meets the needs of your school and teachers.

Prices start at: £1300 per course plus trainer expenses (eg. flights and accommodation).



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