Creative Group Programmes (online)

Live Online Creative Programmes

Our Creative online projects focus on communication, collaboration, adaptability and problem solving always in a cultural exchange framework.
Through storytelling, music, literature or  teleplay you will improve your confidence in both written and spoken English, developing soft skils for independent and group working, for example time management, attentive listening and giving constructive feedback.

Ages: 8 +

All levels from Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1)


International classes – max. students per class: 12

Hours: From 1.5 hours per week


Do you love stories? Do you enjoy writing your thoughts, imagining scenarios, plots and characters?
Your storytelling tutor will help you to learn the practical skills and techniques to grow as a storyteller.
Storytelling is how we make sense and communicate our experiences to others. Humans are hardwired for stories!


Themes explored throughout this project could include:
– Childhood Stories from around the World
– The Story of Everything
– Developing Story Language
– Character Dialogue
– How to tell a story -The Voice
– How to tell a story – The Body
– Storytelling Sharing and how to give constructive feedback


Do you love books? Your tutor will take you on a journey among classic and modern titles whilst you explore British culture through various literature.


Literature explored throughout the course, according to level, could include:
Beginners: Julia Donaldson/ David Walliams/ Rachel Bright/ Michael Bond/ Jill Murphy
Intermediate: JK Rowling/ Jacqueline Wilson/ Roald Dahl/ Clive King
Advanced: JRR Tolkien/ Mary Norton/ Lewis Caroll/ William Shakespeare


This course is for Pop music fans! You will explore popular British music, developing your vocabulary and phrasing through studying lyrics and learning about various artists.


Throughout this Pop Music project the artists explored could include:
1980s – Synth Pop
   Eurythmics/ Duran Duran/ Pet Shop Boys
1990s – Boy/Girl bands/ Britpop
   Spice Girls/ Boyszone/ Atomic Kitten/ Take That/ Oasis/ Blur/ Pulp
21st Century – Singer-songwriters
   Ed Sheeran/ Adele/ James Blunt/ Amy Winehouse

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