Training Visit

Training Visit

Consultancy Service for Schools

A Training Visit brings our specialist(s) to you to run a free appraisal of your department, including a free workshop for your teachers and a free lesson for your students!

We showcase our skills and expertise, so you can get to know us first-hand, and in turn, our visit allows us an insight into your context, to aid future collaborations, such as an English language course or teacher training programme.

Please note: this service is designed as a precursor to developing a potential longer-term partnership in delivering teacher training and/or English language courses. As such there is limited availability for this free service.

You will only pay for the specialist’s flights, transfers and accommodation, plus visa fees if applicable (for two-day visits only *).

(*) Our Training Visit can be two to four days long. You decide the activities and the length of the visit. However, if you select all activities this may take more than two days. Two-day Training Visits are free. For every extra day you are subject to a fee of £190 per additional day.

A free teacher training workshop

A free English lesson for students

Curriculum audit (eg syllabus, coursebooks and assessment processes)

Resources audit (eg staff room, classrooms and IT)

Classroom observations and feedback (teachers)

Team structure and dynamics

Final presentation to management

A written report (submitted within two weeks)


– Download our questionnaire.
– Complete it and send it to us by email.
– We’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

You can combine your visit with a Fresh Approach conference. Contact us to find out how this can benefit your school.

As a cost-saving exercise you may wish to share this service with a neighbouring school. Past clients have often done so.



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