Trinity Certificate in Teaching English

Trinity CertTESOL

- a worldwide recognised TEFL qualification

All our CertTESOL courses can run either online or face-to-face in school, and will depend on demand. When you submit your application form, please choose your preference, and we will be in touch.

Trinity Certificate in Teaching English
If you are looking for a worldwide recognised TEFL course such as CELTA or CertTESOL in Southampton or Online, then Trinity CertTESOL course at the Lewis School could be ideal for you.

The Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CertTESOL) provides you with an excellent foundation for a career in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). The CertTESOL is equivalent to CELTA and is recognised worldwide. It is accredited at Level 5 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). One important feature of the Trinity CertTESOL is that it includes a minimum of 6 hours classroom teaching and at least 10 hours of classroom observations of both peers and qualified teachers.

Part-Time Cert-TESOL Course (TEFL and CELTA Equivalent)

Part-time (12 weeks)

Course length: 130 hours

Maximum class size: 12

Become a qualified EFL teacher

Internationally recognised qualification

No prior teaching experience required

Theory and teaching practice

Choice of in-school or online course

The Trinity CertTESOL is recognised worldwide. As an initial qualification, it’s a popular choice for those embarking on a career in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), but it’s equally useful for those with experience in teaching other subjects, or those looking to consolidate their existing English language teaching skills. It provides a firm foundation, equipping you with essential knowledge and highly practical skills to set you on your way in your English language teaching career. The course involves over 130 hours of contact time and includes six hours of observed teaching practice with international English language students.

The part-time course is 12 weeks long, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and most Saturdays (all day).

CertTESOL is ideal for:

– those contemplating a career change
– those developing their current teaching skills
– recent graduates
– gap year students
– aspiring native & non-native English teachers
(a C1 level of English required, IELTS 7.0 in all skills)

Input Sessions

The course begins with an exploration into theories behind learning and second language acquisition, and a brief overview of some English grammar. However, most of your language awareness will develop as you prepare for and teach your lessons. Your input sessions will focus more on developing skills and techniques for the classroom and will introduce you to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and pronunciation teaching. Along with all of this, and as you get to grips with lesson planning, you will then start to notice how this translates into the classroom.

You’ll learn a ‘mystery language’ over three sessions and analyse the experience as both a student and a teacher, which will form the basis of your first assignment. For your second assignment you will work with an international student and will interview, record, assess, teach and prescribe a tailor-made course for them.

Observed Teaching Practice

One of the biggest advantages of our course is that you will have the chance to teach a class of international students. Following an opening period of only input sessions, teaching practice will start taking up the majority of your time on the course.  After meeting and placing the students by level, you will deliver one 30-minute lesson, followed by two 45-minute lessons and four 60-minute lessons (all observed).

Each lesson will conclude with a feedback session with a tutor and some of your peers. Shortly after, you will write a short reflection of your lesson considering the feedback you received (not discounting your own!). Every time you teach you will be expected to design materials for your lesson. Towards the end of the course you will select one piece of material from one of your lessons and evaluate its effectiveness


Assessment is based on a combination of assessed lessons, a take-home examination and written assignments. We prepare you step-by-step for each of the assessments and provide you with a detailed assignment guide that explains the required content and timings for each piece of work. Our tutors are also available to advise you throughout the course.

Teaching Practice (TP)
Teaching Practice Evaluation (TPE)
Guided Observations
4 x 1-hour assessed lessons*
Reflective teaching journal
Written report on lessons you observe
Language Awareness Exam
Take-away examination
Language Learner Profile (LLP)
Written assignment profiling a selected student’s language
competence and proposing a language development pathway
Materials Assignment (Mat A)
Review of material you have created and used in your teaching
Unknown Natural Language (UNL)
Written report on your experience of learning a mystery language

*In preparation for the four assessed lessons, you will have 1x 30-minute lesson and 2x 45-minute lessons, which will be
observed and for which you will receive feedback.
Trinity moderation takes place on the final day. You will be interviewed individually and as a group. The
moderator also reviews all course work.

Pass Rates January 2017 – April 2021

Total: 101 trainees
• 91 passes (90%)
• 9 withdrawals (9%)
• 1 Fail (1%)

It’s on Zoom, but much is the same as the in-school course.

Our CertTESOL courses will run either online or in-school, depending on demand (simply indicate your choice on the application form).

For online courses, both your input sessions and your teaching practice will take place on Zoom, and we’ll also explore useful online tools that will help you in your future career. If you haven’t used Zoom before, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions so you familiarise yourself with the platform.

The main advantage is that you’ll learn to teach online! This is fast becoming a sought-after skill among employers. Many of the skills and techniques you’ll develop on the course are entirely transferrable from online to face-to-face teaching, and your tutors will make sure that you’re equipped for both, by including input sessions that focus on the similarities and differences.

Apart from that, the course is largely the same as the in-school course. You’ll get:

The same qualification
You’ll receive the same qualification as if you’d done a traditional face-to-face course. This means you’ll get exactly the same certificate and the same highly-valued qualification.

The same content and assessment
You’ll have the same amount of contact hours in the virtual classroom with your tutors, cover exactly the same curriculum and complete the same assignments.

The same tutor support
The same level of tutor support and guidance will be available.

The same teaching practice
You’ll still complete six hours of assessed teaching practice, but in an online classroom rather than at the school.

Part-Time (12 weeks) 10 September – 7 December 2024 Places Available.
FEE: £1241 *


14 Jan to 12 April 2025  Places Available.
FEE: £1,278 *

(*) The price does not include the Trinity moderation fee ( 2024: Online Moderation fee: £172,  In-School Moderation Fee £180  & 2025: Online Moderation fee: £180,  In-School Moderation Fee £190). This fee is subject to change by Trinity College London. A £200 deposit is required to book your place on the course.

Funding Opportunities are available for:


Armed Forces Learning (ELC) Scheme
We are an Approved Learning Provider under the Armed Forces Learning (ELC) Scheme (provider no.6467). This scheme is open to all serving members of the Armed Forces and any ex-service personnel who are registered for ELC. If you are planning your resettlement training or want to further your own professional development, get in touch.

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