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Afternoon Classes

The following are available as part-time courses, or you can add them to any 15-hour course.

Course Date
Afternoon General English Available every week
Pronunciation (2 weeks) 4-15 February
28 May – 8 June
2-13 September
Spelling & Writing for Arabic Speakers (2 weeks) 4-15 February
28 May – 8 June
2-13 September
Business English 1: Job Hunting (2 weeks) * 4-15 March
24 June – 5 July
30 September- 11 October
Grammar (2 weeks) 18-29 March
8-19 July
14-25 October
Writing (2 weeks) 1-12 April
22 July – 2 August
28 October – 8 November
Business English 2: Communication Skills (2 weeks)* 29 April – 10 May
5-16 August
11-22 November

Hours per week: 7.5

Course length: 1-52 weeks

Levels: All (*)

Ages: 16+

Max. students per class: 12

Start dates: any Monday (**)

(*) For Business English, there is a minimum level of Intermediate (B1) and for Spelling & Writing for Arabic Speakers there is a minimum level of Pre-Intermediate (A2).

(**) Students on a General English Plus or Academic Year Plus course can follow any afternoon class as part of their 22.5-hour course.

Teaching days are Monday to Friday. Your timetable will normally be from 14.00 to 15.30, but this may vary during the busy summer season.

* Please note that the school is closed on all UK public holidays (19 April, 22 April, 6 May, 27 May & 26 August in 2019), and for two weeks at Christmas / New Year (closing on 22 December 2018 and reopens on 7 January 2019).

Enrolment fee (if this is your only course): £65

1-7 Weeks: £83 per week

8-13 Weeks: £79 per week

14-20 Weeks: £74 per week

21+ Weeks: £65 per week

Your First Day

On your first day, you will meet our staff and we will give you a written and oral placement test. We will also provide you with a Welcome Pack, explain important information about the school, and take you on a tour of the city.

Learning with Lewis School

Our approach to teaching and learning is at the heart of our success as a school, and your success as a language learner. We’d like to tell you about what makes us different and special.

About Your Lessons

Want to know more about your learning programme at the Lewis School? Here is our quick guide to everything from homework to changing classes.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all our programmes in Southampton, Reading and New Forest are cancelled.
We continue running Online Courses for Juniors, Adults and Teachers.
The School will re-open on 7th September 2020


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