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Specialist Modules

The following are available as part-time courses, or you can add them to any 15-hour course.

You can choose to attend all modules (7.5 hours a week) or book an individual module or a combination of those which most interests you.

Each module is 1.5 hours per week and covers a different topic related to your chosen area. Each of these courses has an individual 5-week syllabus, which allows you to grow in confidence as you learn.

  • Business
  • Pronunciation
  • Exam Skills
  • Academic
  • Conversation & Function

Hours per week:  7.5
Each module: 1.5

Course length: 1 week minimum

Levels: All (*)

Ages: 16+

Max. students per class: 12

Start dates: any Monday (**)

Modules information

Do you want to focus on specific skills, but don’t have much time? Our afternoon modules provide you with the opportunity to focus on specific skills. Each afternoon there is a different topic (pronunciation, exam skills, academic skills, business and conversation).

Afternoon Modules

Start any week; finish any week. All levels from Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1).
An enrolment fee of £65 applies to all new students.



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