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Live Online Juniors' Courses 11 - 17

Following the success of our international online summer junior camp, we are continuing to offer online junior programmes to groups and individuals throughout the year. Our junior online courses offer you the chance to practise and learn English in a fun and interactive environment. We offer several different courses to help you find the right course for your personality and needs.
You will be taught face-to-face by a Lewis teacher and you will interact with him/her and the other students just like you would in a classroom here at the Lewis School !

You will need:  a computer, tablet or smartphone* ;  a webcam;  headphones.
The rest is very simple! We will guide you step by step.

*all project work can easily be done with the simple use of your mobile phone

English for Young Explorers 11+

This course focusses on all the main skills reading, writing, listening and speaking.

General English

Our General English is designed around different themes, which allow you to explore yours and your classmates' world.

English & Culture

A unique chance for students to develop their language skills by learning about British culture and heritage.

Business / Young Entrepreneurs 13+

Are you are a future leader? Are you interested in Business?

Conversation Classes

Do you wish your child could practise his/her English speaking?

English and Film 13+

Are you creative? Do you enjoy writing, photography and making video clips or want to learn how?



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