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Giovanni, Italy Coming Back As soon as I entered the school, I think Suzie at the school reception noticed that I was a bit strange for an Italian. It was about 9.00 in the morning and she said to me, “Oh! You’re early – that’s nice,” and I replied, “Yes, I know. I’m weird for 
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Sedef, Turkey I guess most people think like me! 🙂 I spent the better part of the Christmas holiday weekend visiting London. If you live in Southampton and you are at Lewis School of English 🙂, you can easily go to London by train or by coach. For my trip to London, I took the 
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Olivia, Taiwan (2nd from left in photo above) Looking back to my days in Southampton, my learning journey was a fascinating combination of language and culture, because during that period of time, not only did I make friends with people from different countries, but also I discovered the local sights and culture with them. Here’s 
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We’re giving students the chance to blog about their experiences of learning English, living in the UK and discovering British culture. The student writes on a topic of their choice and we publish the finished article on our website. A guided, step-by-step process For the student, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance their writing 
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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all our programmes in Southampton, Reading and New Forest are cancelled.
We continue running Online Courses for Juniors, Adults and Teachers.
The School will re-open on 7th September 2020


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