We’re giving students the chance to blog about their experiences of learning English, living in the UK and discovering British culture. The student writes on a topic of their choice and we publish the finished article on our website.

A guided, step-by-step process

For the student, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance their writing skills, as we guide them throughout the process.
At the planning phase, we help them to understand their audience and choose an engaging topic. We also advise on how to structure the article and adopt a suitable writing style – one that is personal and relatable. After the student submits their first draft, we provide detailed feedback on their accuracy and style, offering suggestions for improvements. Together with the student, we then produce the final article and share it online. Students can also blog using photos or video if preferred. This also makes the process more accessible for those with a lower level of English.
Having their work published can be very rewarding for students. In addition, the process not only challenges their grammar and vocabulary but also develops life skills in effective written communication.

See the Lewis School experience through a student’s eyes

Another reason for starting our student blog was to help prospective students. For those interested in studying at the Lewis School, we want to help them understand better the kind of experience they will have. We believe there is no better way than to hear it from the students themselves!
Our first student blog is by Olivia from Taiwan, who has produced one text in English and another in Chinese. Read her article, “A Learning Journey of Language and Culture“.
We look forward to publishing many more amusing, inspiring and insightful student blog articles in the future.

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