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Here’s our second collection of English expressions brought to you by our staff. Check out our first collection of English idioms at this link.   A Piece of Cake Our first expression is from Abby. It’s a very easy expression, and it means… very easy! Example: How was your English test? I scored 100% – 
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Antonia’s Travels What do you want from your career? Do you want to travel, to challenge yourself and to feel a sense of purpose? Well, our newest teacher at Lewis School, Antonia, managed to find all of these things and more in the world of English language teaching. Read on to learn about Antonia, who 
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My colleagues at the Lewis School The English Foreign Language (EFL) industry is full of people with fascinating stories. People are usually drawn to this world as a result of their passion for traveling and their desire to understand other cultures. As I’ve got to know my colleagues at the Lewis School of English, it 
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