A project in Georgia: what a wonderful experience!

David Aghmashenebili National Defence Academy of Georgia (NDA)

Richenda Askew, Head of the Lewis Teacher Training Department, is back from a project in Georgia.

“What a wonderful warm welcome from all the personnel at David Aghmashenebili National Defence Academy of Georgia (NDA) !

The opportunity to visit the academy and conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and an overview of their English language programmes came in response to a request via the British Council.  Lewis School was thrilled to be offered this opportunity by the NDA.

A 2-week project in beautiful surroundings

The 2-week project has been a fascinating opportunity to meet and observe the teachers in their classes, meet the students to hear about their opinions on their lessons as well as their reasons for studying English and to have the chance to see this prestigious academy in action.
The Academy is set in a bowl surrounded by beautiful mountains.  At times a chill wind blows across the camp, but the beauty of the snow-capped mountains makes up for that. The welcome is warm.

The David Aghmashenebili National Defence Academy of Georgia (NDA)

The NDA is the centre for training the future officers of the Georgian Army.  The Junkers  (officer cadets) follow a four-year Baccalaureate programme which combines academic and military education and of course all the physical training and field training necessary for producing a professional Army officer.
All the Baccalaureate students study English throughout the four-years.  This is, initially,  General English and then in year three they begin the ESP courses (IT or Management or Defence studies) and Military English.  The aim is for all students to achieve STANAG 6001 Level 2 (approximately B1+ CEFR).
In addition to the Junkers, the NDA delivers English language training to those military personnel who require English for operational missions, loan-service and career development.
These lessons are taught by teachers at the site in Gori as well as various locations around Georgia.  I was lucky enough to work with the teachers at Gori (both Baccalaureate and at the Language Training School) and to travel to Kutaisi to meet teachers from Kutaisi, Sackhere and Senaki.
It has been a wonderful experience.  The opportunity to help the staff at the NDA to identify areas of further development is a privilege and I hope that we will be able to work together in the future.
დიდი მადლობა
Thank you very much.”

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