Short Story – The Midnight Snack

Amber’s afternoon class took part in a project where each student wrote and illustrated a short story. We were really impressed with the results and are proud to share them here. Well done, everyone!

The Midnight Snack

by Lavinia

It is a normal winter’s day and Gea goes to bed early, because she fought with her parents during dinner and now she is in her bed.

She starts to think about her mistake. The hours go and she can’t sleep. In a few hours’ time it is midnight and she doesn’t sleep.

All of a sudden, she hears noises and little chatter coming from under the bed, but she ignores them because she thinks it is a mistake and the voices are outside the window. So she gets up from her bed to get a snack from the kitchen.

She turns on the light and sees something go under her bed. At first, she thinks about the house, so she goes and sees. She discovers a village. Life created by her dolls.

The first time she is scared but then she decides to make friends with them.

Gea remembers when her grandma said to her, “The dolls when children sleep take life! And if you won’t get well you need to believe. You need to believe your fantasy.”

After all these years, Gea understands her grandma’s advice was true, because now she understands and her mind helped her to overcome this obstacle.

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