Short Story – The Last Family

Amber’s afternoon class took part in a project where each student wrote and illustrated a short story. We were really impressed with the results and are proud to share them here. Well done, everyone!

The Last Family

By Mohammed

Once upon a time, there was a good boy. His name was Mark. Mark lived with a lovely family, but one day something happened, and it was bad!

Mark visited the old magic man and the old magic man said he had killed his family when Mark was in the forest!

When Mark went back to his house he found the house was dark. Mark heard strange sounds that were flowing, slowly and slowly. He felt scared, but he had to keep looking for his family.

Instead he found blood everywhere and Mark became scared. He stopped to think about a good idea. The idea was to make a trap to hunt the devil, but he was weak and he didn’t have the bravery. But Mark had to do it for his family.

When Mark was ready to implement the idea, his mother woke him up from his sleep…

And it was all a dream!


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