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Find the right course for you with our helpful guide to adult English courses at our main school in Southampton. Click the links below for full details of each course.

General English

General English is our most popular course. We have a specially designed syllabus that enables you to start any week. You can study for as many weeks as you like. On arrival, you’ll be placed in a class suitable for your level, but we can change your level when you and your teachers feel you are ready.

You’ll develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Lessons focus on helping you to communicate with confidence.

  • General English provides 15 hours of lessons per week
  • General English Plus provides 22.5 hours per week
  • – You can add 1:1 lessons or extra afternoon group classes – more about this below!


IELTS / Academic English

If you’re studying towards the IELTS Academic exam, we have a number of options for you. All of them provide thorough exam preparation and guidance, as well as mock exams.

  • – Our IELTS Course is 12 weeks long (15 hours per week), with start dates in January, April, June and September.
  • Combination Courses are a more flexible option. With these, you can mix General English, 1:1 IELTS lessons and self-study. You can start any week.
  • – Our Academic Year is ideal for long-term students. On this flexible 33-week programme, you can choose to do one or even two 12-week IELTS courses! On the other weeks, you’ll study General English. You can choose a 15-hour course (Academic Year) or a 22.5-hour course (Academic Year Plus) and you can start any week.


Business & Specialist English

If you require training in Business English, Military English or another specialist area, you can choose:

  • 1:1 Lessons or a Combination Course (combining General English and 1:1 lessons). For both, you can select the number of hours and weeks you require.
  • – (For groups only) a bespoke course such as our business course, Work Skills for the Global Market. Course content, length and the number of hours can be tailored to your group’s needs.


Add-On Courses / Afternoon Classes

  • – You can add Afternoon Classes to any 15-hour course. On most weeks, these are General English lessons, but on certain dates, there are specialist modules in Pronunciation, Business & Writing.
  • 1:1 and 2:1 Lessons can be added to any course.


Teacher at Lewis School of English Adult course at Lewis School of English


Changing Courses

You are welcome to change course during your stay at Lewis. All remaining fees will be transferred to the new course. A balancing charge will be made if the new course costs more. Please note: this does not apply to 1:1 Lessons, which must be booked as an additional course. Please note that tuition fees cannot be refunded if you leave the course early but they can be transferred to another course (except 1:1 Lessons).


Online Courses

Finally, don’t forget that we offer online courses too! If you’re booking as an individual, we offer 1:1 and 2:1 Lessons. For group bookings, we can arrange tailor-made programme of lessons in General English, IELTS, Business English and more!


Any Questions?

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