Short Story – Adventure Above All

Amber’s afternoon class took part in a project where each student wrote and illustrated a short story. We were really impressed with the results and are proud to share them here. Well done, everyone!

Adventure Above All

By Themis

A little boy had a dream. The name of this boy was Mike. He was very stubborn, adventurous and funny. For his age he was small, but he wass ingenious, and he liked to exceed his limits. He had brown eyes and brown hair.

His dream was to build a submarine and explore the beautiful reef at the bottom of the ocean. His family and friends didn’t believe in his project, but he was stubborn so he wasn’t discouraged.

One day, he finished his submarine and Mike was very excited about it. When he went to test the submarine’s function, he concluded it worked! So, he went on an adventure.

With his submarine he discovered beautiful fish that live deep in the ocean. There were big fish, small fish, coloured fish. There were a lot of pretty fish! You cannot forget the floor of the ocean! Mike was so excited!

Until one day, a big current took Mike and his submarine down to the bottom of the ocean. Mike looked through the window and saw he was on the crater of a volcano, so he got out to have a look and found a strange rock. But this rock wasn’t just any rock. It was a multicoloured door!

Out of curiosity he decided to go through the door which aspirated him. When he regained his senses, he looked around and discovered several huge buildings.

“This world is beautiful!” Mike said. It was true! There were many colourful trees, blue, yellow and red. Even the grass was gentle! There were butterflies! Millions of them! And a lot of squirrels.

Mike decided to explore the mystery civilisation, but he didn’t find any people. It was like all the people hadn’t lived in the city for thousand of years. Even the buildings were covered in grass.

Mike asked himself, “Has the light ever arrived into this world? Is there sun in this world?” He decided to enter a building and after a long walk in the dark hallway.  “This building is more huge and massive than all of the buildings! This is very impressive,” Mike said to himself.

In the background, Mike saw a temple. There was a strange object next to it. It was a key! A very small key.

When Mike touched it, he felt something strange and he felt like he should return it. But, he didn’t know how and he didn’t know how to leave the building either!

Mike started to feel hungry and hungry and hungry. And then he was thirsty and thirsty and thirsty.

After five days, Mike felt better for some reason. But he never ate or drank!

After ten years Mike felt even better and he no longer aged. But he was blind.

After one hundred years his situation did not evolve and he spent the rest of life without seeing light in this labyrinth…

Because this was they key of eternity!

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