Short Story – Hien’s Story

Amber’s afternoon class took part in a project where each student wrote and illustrated a short story. We were really impressed with the results and are proud to share them here. Well done, everyone!

Hien’s Story


His name is Alian. He is 34 years old. He works in an office. He is handsome, tall. He is very serious and optimistic. He has black hair and has a nice nose. He is always very busy with work as he usually goes on a business trip.

This is Nabi. She is 25 years old. She is a seller and a traveller. She is very beautiful and friendly. She has black straight hair.

However, there is a coincidence. She is also usually travelling with her customers.

When Alian and Nabi went to work in Korea, they both met in a food street one evening, when they were both walking around talking to others and they eventually stopped. They looked into each other’s eyes and the world revolved around them, not the stream of people in the food street.

Alian and Nabi asked each other about their personal information: their phone numbers and added each other on Instagram and Snapchat.

After, when they returned to Vietnam, Alian proactively contacted her again.

They met and decided to date.

Each date they talked about interesting things and shared things about their life, job and friends everyday.

It was a very successful date.

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