Amber’s afternoon class took part in a project where each student wrote and illustrated a short story. We were really impressed with the results and are proud to share them here. Well done, everyone!

The Clumsy

By Cassandra

When your best friends are very clumsy, the first thing you need to know about is being patient, but also don’t be afraid to laugh.

Lucas and I are inseparable despite the fact that Lucas is incredibly clumsy. We had decided to participate in an obstacle course competition with our rival duo of friends, Robin and Margaux.

During the first event, Lucas tripped from the start and caused all the cones to fall in his path…

In the second event, he got stuck in a net! Of course I was there to help him each time, but it was difficult not to laugh. Despite their blunders, they get up each time with a smile.

Robin was very confident and taunted Lucas at every stage of the competition, thinking our duo was doomed to failure. But I never stopped believing in him and encouraged him to focus. The most important thing was that we had fun together.

As the competition progressed, Lucas’ blunders became more and more hilarious. He got his feet caught in a treadmill, got lost in a maze and even got stuck in a giant tyre.

However, despite all of these mishaps, we managed to overcome each obstacle with a good dose of humor and complicity while the other duo hung around looking and us and making fun of us.

In the end, we obviously won this competition! You probably would have liked that ending but no. We lost not because my best friend is clumsy but simply because we were really bad. We then argued, not seriously of course, and as a joke he pushed me slightly, I quickly moved aside and he fell into a puddle of mud and splashed us all. I held out my hand to him to take it and I could only admire the contagious smile and it was much better than 1000 victories on the face of my clumsy person…

Robin was happy to have won but congratulated us and even envied us for our beautiful friendship.

Don’t be disappointed because the best thing that has happened to me is not winning with someone who is more serious. But to lose with someone who will give me the impression of always having the advantage of being happy.

A defect can turn into a quality when you are well surrounded.

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