New Junior Programmes for 2020

Kids' Programme at Lewis Reading Junior Centre

Due to popular demand, we’re expanding our range of junior programmes for summer 2020. New for next year are:
• English & Cricket (Southampton)
• a second Theatre Camp (Guildford)
• a Kids’ Programme for ages 8-10 (Reading)
• a second English & Football programme (Reading)
Below you can read a little about each one. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

English & Cricket in Southampton

26 July – 9 August 2020, Ages 11-17

This is a brand new programme for 2020. It is designed to help students to learn English, discover the UK and hone their cricket skills in the country where the sport was invented. It follows a similar template to our English and Football course. English lessons are followed by cricket training sessions with a professional coach. These cover skills development, tactics and sports science, and lead up to a weekly match against local British children. During evening activities, students mix with those on other programmes, and on full-day and half-day trips, they’ll have the chance to visit top tourist destinations in the south of England.
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Theatre Camp now also in Guildford

12-26 July 2020, Ages 9-13

Theatre Activity at Summer Camp - Tableau

Our Theatre Camp at the New Forest Junior Centre has been running since 2013 and has been a great success year on year. As a result, next summer we will be running a second Theatre Camp at our new junior centre, Guildford.
If you ask us why our Theatre Camp is such a success, we would say there are two main reasons.
Firstly, it’s open to both UK and international students. This provides students from abroad with quite a unique opportunity to make British friends. The students mix not only in the theatre classes but also on all the trips and activity sessions at the camp.
Secondly, theatre lessons replace English lessons. This means that students are not studying the language – they are living it! Our facilitators guide students through the process of writing, rehearsing and performing their very own English language theatre show. For this reason, it is ideal for those who have already reached an intermediate level of English (or higher), but would like to improve their speaking skills and their confidence in expressing themselves in a foreign language.
At the Lewis School, we firmly believe in the power of theatre as a way of enhancing language development. Indeed, our team of expert facilitators runs courses with schools around the world with our Theatre Express service. These same specialists run our summer Theatre Camps here in the UK.
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Our Kids’ Programme is back and it’s even better!

5 July – 2 August 2020, Ages 8-10

There will be a special programme for younger learners at our Reading Centre. This will run alongside our Classic Programme for students aged 11-17, making Reading ideal for groups with a wide age range. On our Kids’ Programme, we place great emphasis on care and supervision, with a high staff:student ratio of 1:8 on all activities. The programme is specially designed for younger learners, with a fun-filled syllabus and a wide range of games, activities and creative play that will help students express themselves, make friends and have fun. New additions to the programme include rowing on the River Thames and a visit to a children’s farm.
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English & Football now also available in Reading

5 July – 2 August 2020, Ages 11-17

For the last five years, we’ve run English & Football at our Southampton Junior Centre, and now we’re delighted to offer it at Reading too!
The formula is simple but highly rewarding. Alongside English lessons, students have 12 hours of football per week. This includes training sessions with a professional coach, interactive seminars on sports science and – the highlight of the week – a friendly match against a local British team of a similar age. The opportunity to meet British children as well as making friends from around the world always proves very popular.
At evening activities, such as discos, talent shows, team games and barbecues, the students rejoin those on other programmes, and each week there is a visit to Reading town centre, plus a half-day trip and a full-day trip. Reading has a fantastic location, and trip to exciting destinations such as London, Oxford, Blenheim Palace and Windsor Castle. On certain trips, for an additional fee, there will be the option to visit a football stadium too.
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