Dear Students,

We believe the most important action we can take to protect against Coronavirus and other germs is to promote good hand and respiratory hygiene. We continue to encourage the students and staff to do the following and ask that you support this at home too.  We have asked students and staff to:
  • wash hands often with soap and water, or using alcohol sanitiser if handwashing facilities are not available.
  • cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue, then throwing the tissue in a bin.
  • inform the School immediately if you have any symptoms of the illness including a new, persistent cough and a fever – temperature greater than 37.8C) or believe that you may have been exposed to the virus.
  • Use the NHS Coronavirus website if you are worried about your symptoms or those of a close friend or relative. Do not go directly to your GP or other healthcare environment.

Best Wishes
Alistair Walker
Lewis School of English

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