School closure message on 19 March 2020


Announcement from English UK


Schools across the UK will close on Friday 20 March 2020 and will remain closed until further notice in order to help slow the spread of Covid-19.

English UK is strongly recommending that all UK English language teaching (ELT) centres should also close at the end of the day on Friday 20 March in line with publicly funded education institutions. No date has been given for the reopening of publicly funded schools. We will monitor this situation closely and will support ELT centres in re-opening and welcoming students from around the world as soon as it is the right time to do so.

This is a public health emergency: we believe it is vital that our sector follows national advice, as our priority must always be our duty of care to students, staff and the wider community.

Lewis School of English will follow this guidance and close at 17.30 on Friday 20th March.

From Monday 23rd, all classes will be offered on-line.  You will be provided details of the new arrangements.

We have an on-going duty of care to all of you while you are still enrolled at the School.  We will ensure that you are safeguarded during the closure period and will stay in regular contact with you all and keep you fully informed as the situation evolves.  We are your family here in UK.

We are in unchartered waters, living a situation that is beyond our control and indeed our comprehension.  We depend on the support and advice of experts.  As a community, we can help and support each other while we ‘ride out the storm’


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