Trinity CertTESOL courses: giving something back

The diversity on our Trinity CertTESOL courses is huge.
Trainees come from a range of backgrounds and have lots of different motivations for getting the qualification. Some want a career change, some want to travel, many are retiring and want to try their hand at a new challenge.
What they all have in common is their love of people, culture, language, and making a difference in the lives of others.
Many of the participants have made friends for life by the end of the programme, because they have met a varied but like-minded group of people who want to give something back.

English language teaching is a great way to do this.

In the lessons they have the chance to bring their previous experience into the classroom – everyone has transferrable skills that are hugely beneficial in the class, whatever their background.
They learn how to effectively communicate with non-native speakers of English, how to structure and deliver useful language lessons, and how to plan engaging and motivating real-world tasks.
They also find out about methodologies and techniques that promote communication and build the students’ confidence.

So who are these students?

Like the trainees, they are a diverse group but with a shared goal: to meet people in the UK, to make friends and to grow and develop their language skills.
They may be asylum seekers or refugees.
They might have just moved to the UK.
They could be looking to make new friends and integrate more into the local community.
The teaching practice component is when the teachers in training see for the first time the practical help they can provide. There is a feeling of mutual support amongst students and teachers.
Relationships are formed that stay with them for a long time.
When they finish the course, many graduates continue to see these students by volunteering with charities like [CLEAR Project]. Some choose to use the qualification abroad.

Everyone gives something back in their own way.


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    I am interested in your TESOL course. Could I trouble you to send me course information/brochure and costs please.
    Thank you

    • Marcella Ciravegna
      Marcella Ciravegna / Reply

      Hi Anne, thank you for your message.
      You can find all information including costs at this link of our webpage
      Click on the yellow tab “CertTESOL Fees & Dates.
      Also if you wish to download the Teacher Training Brochure, click on the yellow tab “PDF”.
      Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information
      Kind Regards,

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