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Introduction Do you desire an extraordinary life? Do you dream of adventures? Do you wish to travel to far-away lands? You are not alone. Many of us wish for all these things and more. Real-life, though, has a habit of getting in the way. We have responsibilities, careers and families to think about. Leaving everything 
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Introducing Fiona Let me introduce you to our latest recruit here at the Lewis School; the lovely, bubbly marketing intern Fiona. Fiona rocked up here on her first day of work with a selection of tasty Chinese treats for us to try. This, alongside her infectious smile, instantly made her a firm favourite with all 
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Introducing Mohammed Name: Mohammed Age: 26 Nationality: Saudi Mohammed is one of those rare people who never fail to add a little bit of fun to your day. He’s confident, easy-going and charming. Pretty much every morning, I hear him joking with the Suzie and Michelle on reception before he heads over to mine and 
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Sibylle – the Whizz-Kid from Switzerland Name: Sibylle Age: 16 Nationality: Swiss Introducing Sibylle Sibylle looks very much like your typical teenager. She’s dressed in a hoody, jeans and a pair of trainers. She knocks tentatively on my office door and shyly introduces herself. Sibylle has agreed to be my first interviewee. I’d been playing 
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Lewis School is now OPEN for face to face teaching. We continue running ONLINE COURSES for Juniors, Adults and Teachers.


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