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Halloween is one of my favourite festivals. I have many fond childhood memories of carefully choosing my costume, carving elaborate pumpkin designs and waiting excitedly for trick-or-treaters to come to the door. As I’ve got older, the way I celebrate may have changed but without fail, every 31st October, I still wake in a state 
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The artist who’s adding a bit of light and laughter to the streets of Southampton Have you ever had that disconcerting feeling that you’re being watched? A shiver down the spine. A flash of intuition. Someone walking on your grave. A few days ago, I had exactly this feeling. I was walking through Southampton on 
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Sibylle – the Whizz-Kid from Switzerland Name: Sibylle Age: 16 Nationality: Swiss Introducing Sibylle Sibylle looks very much like your typical teenager. She’s dressed in a hoody, jeans and a pair of trainers. She knocks tentatively on my office door and shyly introduces herself. Sibylle has agreed to be my first interviewee. I’d been playing 
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