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We’re delighted to say that Lewis School is open once again for face-to-face classes. The situation in the UK is now far more optimistic. Over 60% of adults have now received their first vaccination dose, children have returned to school and many more businesses are now allowed to reopen as the government eases its lockdown 
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England is going into lockdown from 5 November to 2 December. Schools, including the Lewis School of English, will stay open, so you can attend your classes. However, there are new rules about when you can and can’t leave your home. When can I leave the house? You must not leave your home except in 
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Introduction Our latest junior group arrived on a cold, dark Saturday evening in the final week of October. Having spent the last few week weeks preparing for their arrival, I was excited to finally meet them. The 23 tired teenagers tumbled off their coach, grabbing their suitcases on the way. The group had departed from 
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