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IELTS course

Want to know what a Lewis School online course is like? The video below will give you an idea! You’ll have live online lessons using Zoom, a video conferencing tool that will enable you to interact with your teacher and your classmates around the world. You also have 24-hour access to a self-study area where 
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Are you going to university this September? Do you need to pass the IELTS test but can’t find a place to take the exam? Like many countries at the moment, the UK is on lockdown. This means that schools, universities, shops and many other important establishments have closed to ensure the safety of their staff 
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English & IELTS is ideal summer course for junior students who will be going on to study at university either at home or in an English-speaking country. Hear from our students as they talk about their experience on our English & IELTS course. Through a combination of General English and IELTS lessons, you will both 
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