Book Your Course with Confidence in 2021

booking a course

No problem!

You can cancel or postpone your face-to-face English language course up to 3 full working days before the start date*. The cancellation can be for any reason. Working days are Monday to Friday, so if your course starts on Monday, you can cancel any time until 9.00am on Wednesday morning (UK time) the week before. This means you can book your Lewis School course with confidence.

What about accommodation?

This is simple too! For homestay accommodation, you can cancel or postpone up to 3 working days before your arrival. For residential accommodation you must give 7 working days’ notice.


If you cancel as above, you’ll get a full refund of all fees, except the enrolment fee and the residential accommodation deposit if you booked this. You’ll also need to pay any bank transfer charges. For full details, see our conditions of enrolment. Here are the links to our adult conditions and junior conditions.
*Please note: this applies to all adult and junior face-to-face English courses but NOT to the CertTESOL teacher training course or any online courses

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