Top five reasons why your New Year’s resolution should be to study English in the UK.

 What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Every year, around the world, people use the beginning of the new year to spark motivation for any personal projects or goals that they might have. Some people choose to get fit, write a book or stop smoking.
But why should you choose the same boring thing as everyone else?
Why deprive yourself of chocolate or force yourself out for runs on cold, dark January mornings?
What if you could choose something that not only improves your life dramatically but is also incredibly fun?

Read on to discover why studying in the UK is the best thing you could choose to do this year.

1. Complete immersion

Studying English in the UK is the best way to improve your language skills quickly. From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, you will be completely surrounded by English.
Not only will you have several hours of English classes every day, taught by expert teachers, you will have also have a multitude of opportunities to practice what you have learnt.  Throughout the day you will have so many moments in which you listen to, read or speak English.
Whether it’s a quick chat with your homestay family over breakfast, listening to English radio on the way to school or going to the cinema with your new international friends after class, you are sure to improve.
After a few days of complete immersion in the language, you’ll soon find yourself thinking or even dreaming in English!

2. Explore a new country

Studying a language abroad is a great way to travel. You can use the city of your language school as a base to explore the surrounding cities and attractions in the evenings and at weekends.
For example, if you study in Southampton, you could have the opportunity to visit England’s vibrant capital, London, the beautiful medieval city of Winchester, the classic seaside town of Bournemouth and the lush green New Forest.
Most language schools also offer a programme of social activities, which includes trips to many different places. The benefits of this are that you will have a group of easy-going, likeminded people to go with, your trip will be organised for you and your designated social activities coordinator will act as your local guide.

3. Make friends for life

People from all around the world choose to come to the UK to study. You can make amazing, long-lasting friendships with people from a vast range of countries. As English will be your common language, your fellow students will give you lots of chances to practice your English speaking skills.
Between the lessons and the optional social activities, which include activities such as pub trips, football matches, bowling and city trips, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to create incredible memories with your new friends.
If you are lucky, you may even find yourself with invites for places to stay all around the world, thereby sorting your next trip abroad.

4. Improve your job prospects

It goes without saying that in our increasingly globalised world, having good English skills can give you a huge advantage over the competition. Proficient language skills will allow you to land your dream job or to progress in the job you already have.
It’s not just about the language skills, however, living and studying abroad is a challenging experience which can encourage you to develop your overall skillset. The experience will improve your communication skills and your adaptability, as well as encouraging you to become a more confident and independent person.
All of these skills and capabilities combined will, without a doubt, make you a highly valuable employee.

5. Experience a new culture

Studying and living in a country gives you are far more authentic experience than when visiting a place for a holiday. This is particularly true if you choose to live with a homestay host. Through living with a local person, couple or family you will get to see the British way of life first-hand.
The social activities programme will also give you the chance to experience local and national culture and traditions. You will visit wonderful local places and attend fascinating events that you may not have heard of if you weren’t studying in the UK.
Whether you’re marvelling at the wonders of the Portsmouth kite festival or sitting down at the seaside with some fish and chips, you are sure to have plenty of unique moments to tell your family and friends about once you return home.


Studying in the UK will give you the opportunity to have an incredible trip and to improve your life in the long run.
So what are you waiting for?
Ditch that diet, have your lie in and spend your free time doing what you enjoy.
Instead of depriving yourself, book yourself on to the trip of a lifetime.
It will be the best New Year’s resolution you have ever made.


Resolution (to do something) – a firm decision to do or not do something
Deprive – to prevent someone from doing or having something. Phrasal verb: to deprive of.
Immersion (in something) – the state of being completely involved in something
Lush (of plants, gardens, etc.) – growing thickly and strongly in a way that is attractive; covered in healthy grass and plants.
Globalisation – the fact that different cultures and economic systems around the world are becoming connected and similar to each other because of the influence of large multinational companies and of improved communication Proficient  – able to do something well because of training or practice
Adaptability – the ability to cope well with difficulties or challenges
Authentic – true and accurate
Unique – very special or unusual


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    Khalid Mahmood Abid / Reply

    Its really amazing to see this spectacular English Language Courses. I am Masters in English Linguistics n Literatures and have had 12 years of English Language Teachings experience.
    Now I want to enhance international Language Teachings Degree. So I would like to take admission in saud institute in UK so that I may explore new culture full of particular English Language society.
    Please give me proper guideline.

    • Marcella Ciravegna
      Marcella Ciravegna / Reply

      Hi Khalid, thank you for your message. Have you considered the CertTESOL course ? You can find more information here at this link

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