New Online Teacher Training Courses – Get a 20% Discount!

Abby presenting Lewis Online Learning

Give your professional development a boost this year!

We’re proud to be launching a new range of online teacher training courses, Lewis Online Learning, and we’re offering you a 20% discount too!
Our online courses are perfect for the busy teacher. They are tutor-led and collaborative, so you’ll meet and work together with English language teachers from around the world. You’ll discover new ideas to engage and motivate your learners, and you’ll only need to dedicate 5 hours per week of your time. It’s designed to fit in with your busy schedule!
Our courses are 2-4 weeks long and are normally £150-£250, so you can save up to £50 with your discount. Choose from:
Student-Centred Learning
Getting Creative with Resources
Helping Students with Pronunciation

Get a 20% discount voucher!

We’re giving away a 20% discount which is valid for the whole year. Simply fill out our discount form with your name and email address and you’ll be eligible for a discount all year. There’s no obligation to buy!

Watch the video

Watch Abby’s introduction to Lewis Online Learning to find out more about the courses.

Visit or read more on our website about our online teacher training courses.



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    Shazia rana / Reply

    Hi,this is shazia rana.i want to know more about the course.

    • Marcella Ciravegna
      Marcella Ciravegna / Reply

      Thank you for your message which I have passed to our Teacher Trainers who will be in contact with you shortly via email.

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