Dear Friends and Partners,


We trust you are well as we begin to see some light at the end of the COVID tunnel!

Lewis School has been open since April for face-to-face teaching.  Our student numbers are slowly increasing, particularly now as we move into a transition phase in terms of social distancing and wearing of masks.

On 19th July, the UK government announced the lifting of various social distancing measures.  Open link to see how we are presenting the new situation to our students and staff.

Another exciting and long awaited announcement is that double vaccinated Adult travellers from EU countries no longer need to quarantine on arrival.  Under 18’s, whether vaccinated or not, are also exempt from quarantine.  For the moment pre-departure and Day 2 tests are still required. (Read more here about travelling).

It is now surely only a matter of time before travellers from all over the world will be able to arrive in UK without the need for quarantine.  We can then look forward to truly being ‘back in business’.

Warmest wishes and happy holidays to you all,
Lewis School of English

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