Driving in the UK: tips for students

If you wish to drive in the UK, it is very important that you understand your legal requirements and the procedures that you must follow.
You must have a driving licence that is valid in the UK.
If you hold a driving licence issued outside Great Britain, you can use the tool on the Government website to check whether you can use it in the UK. Your car must have an MOT certificate (=certificate that your car is suitable to drive on the road).
You must also have valid road tax and car insurance. Driving without a valid licence and driving without insurance are both criminal offences.
If you drink or use drugs, use your mobile phone or break the speed limit while driving, you may have to pay a fine, stop driving or possibly go to prison.
You must report any accident to the police and you must give blood or urine if the police ask you to.
If you are planning to drive in the UK, you must know the rules of the road (British Highway Code).
For more information about driving in the UK, see: UKCISA – International Student Advice and Guidance – Driving

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