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Ryan Kaluarachchi


Hello! I am a teacher and activity leader at the Lewis School. Despite my young age, I’ve gained few years of teaching experience after completing my CELTA and TEFL qualifications.

I love being creative. I studied Media at university and I regularly make music. Occasionally I help Tom with video making but I mainly implement my creativity in the classroom. I am also completely fascinated by culture and travelling.

I believe a lot can be learnt from different cultures and in my opinion language schools can be the perfect starting point for this.  The positive, friendly atmosphere, different ways of thinking and the people I meet daily makes this a job I really cherish.

I have mainly taught in England at different schools but I have also taught and lived in Italy for one year. So yes, I know how daunting it can be adapting to a new environment. This is why the Lewis team and I will do the best we can to make you feel comfortable and help you to get to know British culture.

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Photo ofRyan Kaluarachchi ~ Lewis School of English
Ryan Kaluarachchi ~ Lewis School of English
Job Title
Teacher & Activity Leader
Lewis School of English


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