Learning With Lewis

Learning With Lewis

Our approach to teaching and learning is at the heart of our success as a school, and your success as a language learner. We’d like to tell you about what makes us different and special.

Our motto is “Let your English come to life”. But what do we mean by that? In short, we aim to make your learning enjoyable, challenging and rewarding, addressing your individual needs and developing your confidence in communicating in the English-speaking world. Here’s how we make that happen.

What follows refers to our Adult School. Visit our Junior Lessons page to find out about learning English at our Junior Centres.

We learn about you
Classes are small
You can have personal tutorials
We’re always happy to help!

From the first day you arrive at the school, we learn about you – your reasons for learning English, what you think are your strengths and weaknesses, and your personal aims for the course. We do this during a short interview that happens at the same time as your placement test, and we pass this information on to your teachers.
Classes are small – the maximum number of students is 12. This means you will receive a lot of individual attention. Your teachers will discuss your progress every week, and if you follow a General English course, you will be able to move to a higher level when you and your teachers feel you are ready.
From time to time, you will also have a one-to-one tutorial with our staff so you can discuss your progress. We can also arrange a tutorial at any time if you are having any problems or do not feel happy with your learning.
Last but not least, we are a friendly group of teachers and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about learning English and living in the UK. So don’t be shy – we’re always happy to help you!

Qualified teachers
Creative teaching style
Communicative and interactive lessons
You develop your soft skills

A team of qualified teachers, we love our work and we believe this shows in our teaching.
Classes are energetic, interactive and communicative – English is, after all, a practical subject! Topics are motivating and prepare you for communication in the real English-speaking world around you, building your confidence. Lessons have clear objectives that link to the syllabus, giving you a strong sense of progress.
You’ll find our teaching is very creative. We use a wide range of resources in order to engage you, such as authentic texts and audio/video from the Internet; and a wide range of classroom activities, such as role plays, discussions, fun challenges, storytelling, pair work and group work. As well as developing language, many lessons are also designed to develop your soft skills, such as debating, study techniques and giving a presentation. All this is aimed at creating memorable moments that aid your learning and help you achieve your potential.
Our teachers never stop learning, too. We have a very active programme of continuous professional development (CPD), and enjoy sharing teaching ideas with each other in the staff room. We’re always looking for new ways to engage and inspire you!

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Warm, friendly & multicultural
Many opportunities for self-study
Linking learning with leisure
Southampton: a student city!

It’s not just about lessons! We believe the school environment and opportunities to practise English outside the classroom make a big difference to your learning.
Many students tell us they love our school’s friendly, multicultural environment, and that this provides them with the chance to learn not only English, but also about the world and about themselves. (See our nationality mix graph at the top of this page.)

Social activities also provide an ideal opportunity to practise English and learn about the local culture, but we like to go further… we’ve created vocabulary sheets for our trips, so you have the chance to develop your language as you discover the UK. Our teachers also run Study Clubs to help you improve your conversation skills, grammar and more. These link to the activities programme and are free to attend.

There are also many opportunities for self-study, from our Google Classroom to our in-school study resources, including a mini library, photocopiable materials and progress tests. And finally, we’re very lucky to be next to Solent University. We co-operate in a number of ways and our students can use certain facilities like their restaurant and library. If you’re an IELTS student, this is a useful way to get to know a UK university environment.



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