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Jonathon Harris


Hello there! I’m Jonathon.
I’ve been a teacher here at Lewis School since 2015.

I am originally from Cornwall in the South-West of the UK, but have had the opportunity to travel and live abroad – including a number of years in France.

I’ve taught a variety of different general English and exam courses to students of all ages, including Business English and IELTS.
As well as being an English Language Teacher, I’m also a keen language learner. I can speak several languages, and I’m always interested in discovering more!

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Photo ofJonathon Harris ~ Lewis School of English
Jonathon Harris ~ Lewis School of English
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Lewis School of English




Marcella Ciravegna

Hello! I am Marcella, Head of Marketing and Operations at the Lewis School. I began my career as a teacher of English and then a school director in Italy. Then my curiosity for different cultures and passion for different language learning processes saw me travel extensively around the world before relocating to the UK over 20 years ago.



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