Quentin’s Blog – Day 1: Arrival

Quentin the Quality English penguin at the airport

Hi everyone! I’m Quentin, the Quality English penguin. Earlier this year I spent a week at the Lewis School. Now I’ve returned home to Antarctica. Here, everyone, including penguins, is staying at home due to the coronavirus. Lewis School is also temporarily closed because of the virus, but the nice people there have asked me to write about my experience, to share with you. I hope you enjoy my story.
Saturday 29 February 2020

A Penguin that Can Fly

Today I feel very excited.
But not only excited – today I also feel very proud.
Let me explain why.
There is one thing everyone says about penguins: penguins can’t fly. I remember the first time I was told this. I was a small chick who always loved the idea of travelling, so I was very disappointed. But then I thought, ‘What about a penguin in an aeroplane?’ I was determined to travel – and to fly!
When I grew bigger, I studied English, and for my fourth birthday my sister Annabelle bought me an English-Penguinese dictionary and another book called ‘English for Beginner Penguins’. She has always been very kind to me.

Quentin the Penguin at the airport

A Job Advert

Then, one day, I saw an advert for a job at a company called Quality English. It said, ‘We are looking for an adventurous and discerning penguin to be our mascot and representative. Apply now!’ Well, to cut a long story short, I got the job, and that’s how I became a penguin who could fly!
You see, Quality English schools are selected from the best independent schools in English-speaking countries, and as a Quality English penguin, I can visit them!
So today, I waved goodbye to my sister Annabelle and cousin Philippa, and began my journey. I swam to Ushuaia International Airport in Argentina, as we don’t have an airport in my country, Antarctica.
The airport was big and exciting. The lady at the check-in desk was very surprised when she saw me. ‘We don’t get many penguins at the airport,’ she said. I was so tired after my swim that I slept through the whole flight and woke up at London Heathrow airport (which was very big indeed). I had arrived! Wow! I was finally in the country where I would hopefully meet the Queen and eat fish and chips!
Quentin the penguin has fish and chips at his host family's house

Arriving at Caroline’s House

I got on the coach to Southampton and dialled the number of my host mother to tell her I was arriving.
‘Is that Mrs Caroline?’ I asked.
‘Yes! Is that Quentin?’ a friendly voice answered.
‘Yes, it is. I’m on the coach and I’ll be arriving in one hour. I’m very excited!’
‘So are we, Quentin! We can’t wait to meet you! Oh, and please just call me Caroline.’
‘Ok. Thank you, Mrs Caroline.’
I was a bit sleepy and hadn’t understood, but she explained that they were all very friendly and I could call them by their first names.
‘Would you like dinner when you arrive?’ asked Caroline.
‘Oh, yes please!’ I replied. Penguins are very fond of dinner.
‘Great! Well, I know penguins love fish, so how about fish and chips?’
I was in heaven!
A bedtime story
The whole family came to meet me at the coach station. We had a lovely dinner, and then Caroline showed me around the house, gave me a front door key and showed me how to make teas and coffees if I felt thirsty. The house is very clean and comfortable, with nice decorations. Lastly, she showed me my bedroom. It’s a very cosy room with a comfy bed and a desk where I can study.

A Bedtime Story

I was about to go to bed, when Yuki, a student from Japan who is also staying at Caroline’s house, knocked on the door.
‘We’re going to read a story. Would you like to join us?’
I’ve always enjoyed stories, so of course I said yes! This story was about a bear called Winnie the Pooh, who liked eating honey. I like honey too, but personally, I prefer fish. And biscuits. Penguins are very fond of biscuits, too.
The story was a lovely way to end the day and I went to bed full of happy thoughts about this very nice family and about my future adventure at the Lewis School of English.

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