We love staying in touch with you long after you’ve finished your course – we like to think of Lewis School as a big family that you will always be part of.
With this in mind, we’re starting a new feature on our blog and we’d love you to take part! We’re sharing photos from previous years at the Lewis School, and from our former students who want to say hi. Send your photos to Tom (tom@lewis-school.co.uk) and you could be in our next edition of ‘Memories and Hellos’!
This month’s photos are from 2021, 2014, 2010, 2009, 2006 and all the way back to 1993/94!

Lewis Memories

Here are Abby and Andrew receiving gifts and thank you cards on the final day of their IELTS class in 2010. Many thanks to Chayut from Thailand for sharing this great photo!
Happy New Year card, circa 1993-94
Check out this staff photo from 1993-94, which was sent as a New Year greetings card. Do you see any familiar faces?

We love a bit of Halloween fun! Here are our students in 2006 with the pumpkins they had just carved.

Barbecue parties are a big part of our social activities programme. Here’s a big group photo from a 2009 party.

The photo at the top of this page comes from a trip to the Dorset Coast in 2014, and here are a couple more. It’s one of our favourite destinations and it’s a Lewis School tradition to go there every Easter!

Lewis Hellos

This photo’s more recent – from July 2021! It’s from a lovely visit from Abdulmajed, who studied with us in 2016. He had just finished his university course and Lewis School was the start of his UK journey. Wonderful to see you again, Abdulmajed, and thanks for remembering us!

Finally, here’s Salvatore, who was a student here in 2016 and 2018. He now runs a bed and breakfast with his wife at a beautiful seaside location in the south of Italy (pictured above). Salvatore is offering Lewis School friends and followers the chance to win a free weekend at his B&B! Click here to find out more!

Get in Touch!

Do you have any photos you’d like to share with us – a Lewis School photo from when you were here, or a recent photo just to say hi? If so, please email them to Tom at tom@lewis-school.co.uk, or send them to us via Facebook Messenger or Instagram

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