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Live Online Specialist Modules

Our Specialist Modules are available as part-time courses, or you can add them to any 15-hour course.

You can choose to attend all modules (7.5 hours a week) or book an individual module or a combination of those which most interests you.

Each module is 1.5 hours per week and covers a different topic related to your chosen area. Each of these courses has an individual 5-week syllabus, which allows you to grow in confidence as you learn.


Exam Skills

Business English

General English

Conversation & Function

From 1.5 to 7.5 per week
Course length:
1 week minimum for all modules;
5 weeks minimum for 1 module.
Levels: All (*)

Ages: 16+

Max. students per class: 12
Choose your Modules

Do you want to focus on specific skills, but don’t have much time?
Our modules provide you with the opportunity to focus on specific skills.


Understand better how sounds are made and learn techniques to improve your English accent. Whether you want sound more like a native speaker or just want to be understood more easily, this is the course for you!
• The sounds of English (vowels and consonants), and correcting problem sounds
• The phonetic chart and how sounds are made
• Word stress and sentence stress
• Features of natural speech ( connected speech and intonation)
Exam Skills
We explore the skills you need for English language exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English qualiflcation such as FCE. The course covers reading, writing, listening and speaking exams.
• Interpreting exam questions
• Different types of essays and useful expressions
• Structuring your writing and developing your argument
• Discussing and debating in speaking tests
• Giving engaging answers in speaking tests
• Reading/listening for gist and for specific details
• Synonyms and paraphrasing
• Formal vs informal language
General English
We cover all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – plus vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, with a particular focus on communication. Topics change regularly and are varied and engaging.
• Hobbies and interests, sport, health, nature, science, technology, social problems, politics, relationships, family, appearance and character, travel, world cultures, art, music, media, advertising, psychology, education, work, history, geography, weather, feelings and many more!
This course develops your confidence with spoken and written English in a business context, while enriching your vocabulary. It provides you with the language you need in everyday work situations and will help you with job applications.
• Writing an effective CV and cover letter
• Performing well in job interviews
• Describing your work and your company
• Giving great presentations
• The language of meetings
• Writing formal letters and emails
• Telephone and email language
• Negotiating and handling tricky situations
This course is designed to give you the language you need to communicate
with confidence, and to give you lots of opportunity to practise your speaking skills with your classmates. We ‘II teach you useful functional language for a wide variety of situations.
• Giving opinions and debating
• Telling stories and showing interest
• Making plans and socialising
• Advising, suggesting and persuading
• Complaining, apologising and handling difficult situations
Every day a different topic

Please note that this is only a sample timetable.
Please contact us if your chosen module falls on a day you could not attend a lesson. We may be able to swap days.

1.5 hour 1.5 hour 1.5 hour 1.5 hour 1.5 hour
How to book
You can inquire for availability and book your course by clicking on the yellow button at the top of this page and filling in a form.
Arrange a test

When you register with us, we will send you a link to take an online level test.
You will take this test and get a score and will receive an email from our Academic Manager to arrange an appointment for a speaking test.
The test will be a maximum of 15 minutes and it will be an informal conversation.
We will combine the level of your written online test and your speaking test to choose the perfect class for you.
You will receive a link to your class and the self-study platform.
You will need to download the app Zoom.
You teacher will email you the link/code to start your first class.

Live Online Specialist Modules Prices

Start any week; finish any week.
All levels from Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1).
An enrolment fee of £65 applies to all new students.

All modules 7.5 hours per week £85 for 5 weeks
Pronunciation 1.5 hours per week (once a week) £85 for 5 weeks
Exams Skills 1.5 hours per week (once a week) £85 for 5 weeks
General English 1.5 hours per week (once a week) £85 for 5 weeks
Business English 1.5 hours per week (once a week) £85 for 5 weeks
Conversation 1.5 hours per week (once a week) £85 for 5 weeks
1:1 lessons  1.5 hours per week (once a week) £30 per hour
1:2 lessons 1.5 hours per week (once a week) £16 per person per hour


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