Online Courses Terms & Conditions

Online Courses Terms & Conditions

Please read the following conditions carefully before booking your course.

Acceptance of enrolment, evidenced by confirmation of the Student’s booking, will constitute a legally binding agreement, governed by English Law, for the period specified on the enrolment form. Students’ statutory rights are not affected by the conditions below.

Lewis School will maintain quality and standards as required by a British Council accredited school.

All fees in respect of services specified on the Application Form are due for payment in full 7 days before the starting date. By paying the fees the student agrees to study for the duration of the course. The School reserves the right not to provide such services in the event that such fees have not been paid by the due date. The Student is responsible for all foreign and UK bank charges. If paying by bank transfer, please note that bank transfers may take 5 to 6 working days to reach our account. Please allow for this. It is essential that the Student’s name and invoice number is clearly stated on the bank transfer documentation. Please contact us for bank transfer details.

i. During the 14-Day ‘Cooling Off’ Period
If the Student has booked their programme via email or the internet (a ‘distance contract’), they are entitled to a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period. During this ‘cooling-off’ period the Student may cancel their booking for any reason within 14 days and receive a refund of all fees minus any bank charges. If the Student cancels during the ‘cooling off’ period described above, the School will refund the fees within 14 days of the date that the Student informs the School that they wish to cancel. However, if the Student has requested the School provides services during the cooling off period, the School is entitled to charge a reasonable sum for the services.
ii. Outside the “Cooling Off” Period
The Student may cancel their programme for whatever reason, but if the cancellation is outside the “cooling off” period as described in 3i, or if a “cooling off” period does not apply, they will be liable for the following proportion of the total tuition fees:

  • 7-14 days before the start of the course – 50% plus enrolment fee
  • less than 7 days before the start of the course – 75% plus enrolment fee
  • no refunds are given once the course has started

In the case of a refund, bank charges will apply.

If the level of enrolments does not reach the minimum number to operate a programme viably, or the School is unable to offer services due to circumstances beyond its control such as fire, flooding, terrorism, war, pandemic (force majeure conditions), the School reserves the right to cancel the programme. In this case the School may offer an alternative programme. The student has the right to reject the alternative and instead receive a refund. The School reserves the right to cancel a programme without any liability no later than 7 days prior to the course start date.

Refunds are given in line with the terms of Paragraphs 4 and 5. Refunds will be made to the payment card or account that was used to make the original payment. Such refund credit will be made in currency of purchase (UK £s). Refunds will be made within five working days.

Lewis School may refuse to accept a student if we feel we cannot meet the needs of that student for any reason. The student will be informed that we are unable to offer them a place (or a continued place) on the course. We are not required to give any reason.

The Student is responsible for ensuring they have adequate internet access and regular access to a computer with an up-to-date web browser, media player, PDF reader, web cam, headphone/speakers and microphone.

The school will be closed for two weeks for the Christmas / New Year holiday
from 18 December 2021 and reopens on 3 January 2022.

The School will be also closed for public holidays on the following dates : 2 April 2021, 5 April 2021, 3 May 2021, 31 May 2021, 30 August 2021. Lessons are unavailable on these days.

All students will receive a certificate if they attend at least 80% of the sessions. An electronic certificate of Course Completion and report will be issued at the end of the course. Invoices and receipts will also be emailed on request.

Lewis School of English oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination or victimisation. To that end the purpose of this policy is to provide equality and fairness for all in our school community in order to create an environment in which all students and staff feel comfortable and at ease, confident and able to learn and work.
Our commitments:

  • To create an environment in which all individual differences and contributions are recognised and valued. Every community member is entitled to an environment that promotes dignity and respect to all.
  • No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.
  • Your tutors are readily available to deal with any concerns.
  • Breaches of our equality policy will be regarded as misconduct and could lead to disciplinary proceedings, including removal from the course without refund. Any such breaches will be investigated in an urgent and timely manner.

This policy is fully supported by senior management and will be monitored and reviewed annually. The course tutors are responsible for the successful implementation of the policy.

If there is a complaint regarding the standard of service provided, it must be submitted by email to

All prices and information as indicated in Lewis School promotional materials, including the Lewis School website, are presented in good faith. However, the School reserves the right to alter programme prices and details without prior notice.

Students are required to provide the School with full and accurate contact details and it is the Student’s responsibility to inform the School of any changes to contact details.

Privacy and data security are important to the Lewis School. Personal information will be held on a secure database and server on our premises and will not be shared with any third party other than where necessary. All data processing and any sharing of data will be in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In the case of serious misconduct the Student may be required to leave immediately in which case no refund will be made. The School will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes serious misconduct. See the Discipline Policy on our School Policies page for more information.

Students / parents must report on their application form any mental or physical illness, allergy, disability or condition that may interfere with their ability to successfully finish their programme, that may impact the health or wellbeing of continued participation represents a risk to their own health and safety and well-being or any other student or staff member, that may require monitoring, treatment or emergency intervention of any kind during the student’s anticipated period of enrolment. Lewis School reserves the right to reject an applicant or terminate a student’s enrolment in the programme if the student’s continued participation represents a risk to their own health and safety and well-being or to the health and safety and well-being of other students or staff.

Conditions updated May 2020.



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