Junior Lessons

About Your Lessons

Lewis School lessons are productive and fun. They are designed to help you express yourself, be creative and make friends. We focus on speaking and listening, as we believe that staying in Britain gives you an ideal opportunity to develop these skills.

We have created a syllabus especially for you. As well as speaking and listening, you will develop your reading and writing, plus vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Each week gives you a new theme and a new challenge, and at the end of each week you will complete a project. Our syllabus is at five levels, and is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
The second lesson of the day is designed to link to your trips and other activities, helping you to make the most of your activities and to learn more about British culture. At the end of your course, you will receive a report and certificate.
Pleae note: for year-round groups on our Cultural Week programme, we follow a different syllabus. This is based on culture-related project work and leads up to a final presentation – see our sample timetable.

Year-Round Groups

Our maximum class size is 15 students per class.

Summer Centres

Our maximum class size is generally 15 students per class. However, at peak times, we reserve the right to increase this up to a maximum of 18 students per class. For closed groups, the maximum number of students in a class may also exceed 15. A closed group consists of students from the same agent having classes separately from other students in the centre, for example a group following a bespoke programme.

On your first day, we will give you a written and oral placement test to assess your level of English and place you in a suitable class. We will also give you a Welcome Pack, explain important information about the centre, and take you on a tour of the campus. Then we will introduce you to your teacher for your first lesson.

Please note that the Induction and Placement Test replace one English lesson on your first day.

During your stay, we monitor your progress. If you do well, you may have the chance to move to a higher level the following week.
At most centres we have a “zig-zag” system. This means one week you will have morning lessons and the following week afternoon lessons. Attendance is compulsory for all lessons.

First Day

Approximate Timing
Welcome from staff & induction 30 minutes
Placement test (written & oral) 1 hour
School / campus tour 30 minutes
1st lesson 1 hour 30 minutes

Normal Day

1st lesson (syllabus) 1 hour 30 minutes
Break 30 minutes
2nd lesson (syllabus & link to activities) 1 hour 30 minutes

Trinity GESE exams can be arranged on request. Highly motivating and communicative, these exams assess students’ ability in speaking and listening in a friendly 1:1 interview. Price: GBP 98. Subject to a minimum of 10 candidates per sitting. If there are fewer than 10 candidates, the fee will be refunded; alternatively, candidates can still take the exam, but will be charged a higher fee.



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