Year-round junior group at Lewis School of English

This month’s EL Gazette lists the best UK language schools for year-round young learner courses. We’re delighted to be ranked in the top ten.

A Flavour of our Year-Round Programmes

To get an idea of what our Year-Round Junior programmes are like, scroll down to watch the video at the bottom of this article. It was made by a group of four students as part of their project work. Our projects are one reason why our courses are so engaging. It makes language learning a very active process, with an end result that students can feel proud of. Weekly project tasks typically include a video, a presentation or drama performance.
Groups stay for 1-4 weeks and follow either our Classic, English & Theatre or Cultural Week programme. We can also be tailor-make a course to meet a group’s specific needs.
The Cultural Week is proving a particularly popular choice in 2019. Our staff spend all morning and afternoon with the students, taking them to places of interest where students conduct research. Being in the city centre, we’re just a short walk from some fascinating museums – the SeaCity Museum, telling the story of the Titanic; the Tudor House museum, showing how people lived 400 years ago; the Solent Sky aviation museum; and the excellent City Art Gallery. Students then return to the classroom to consolidate their knowledge on a particular cultural or historical theme, develop language further, and work towards their final project.

How the Schools were Ranked

There are many other ingredients that make a successful junior programme too. EL Gazette’s top ten ranking is based on British Council inspection results, for which we achieved eight areas of strength, namely:

  • staff management
  • student administration
  • course design
  • teaching
  • care of students
  • accommodation
  • leisure opportunities
  • care of under 18s

You can read the article, entitled ‘Top Ten for Teens and Tinies’, on page 25 of the November 2019 edition of EL Gazette.
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