The Magic of Musicals at Lewis School!

Students at our Winchester Junior Centre had the chance to prepare a well-known musical show as part of their English & Theatre course.

Modern Musicals!

The programme, for ages 11-17, helps students to develop their performance skills as well as their pronunciation and fluency. What’s particularly attractive is that the scripts are adaptations of popular musicals such as The Lion King, Wicked, Matilda and School of Rock.

Work Towards a Show

Singing, dancing and acting all form part of the course. It’s open to students of all levels of English (we assign roles according to interest and ability). A drama professional leads the theatre sessions and helps the students to bring the text to life. The week ends with a final performance which can be filmed as a record of students’ achievement.

Lessons & Activities

As well as 12 hours of theatre per week, students have 15 hours of project-based English classes, where they join students on other courses. They also take part in a vibrant range of evening activities and weekly full-day and half-day trips. Destinations include London, Oxford and the south coast. Residential accommodation is also provided on-campus at the University of Winchester in single en-suite rooms.

The View from Our Students

Nacho from Spain found the experience a highly memorable and motivating one. He described his English lessons as “interactive and innovative” and the theatre sessions as “very cool”.

“You get to learn a lot of acting skills and you make a lot of new friends from other countries. It’s really fun to hang out with your friends and do theatre together.”

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