Lovely Comments from Our Junior Students

Junior students at our Winchester Summer Centre

This summer, we were delighted to welcome junior students for the first Lewis summer centres since before the pandemic. Our Southampton Junior Centre took place at Lewis School, while our brand new Winchester Junior Centre was based at the University of Winchester (our New Forest Centre will be back again in 2023!).

Here are a few of our favourite comments from this summer’s junior students. You can also read more about our summer in our longer article, ‘Lewis Summers are Back!’.

Paolo, Italy

“A beautiful place to learn and speak English. The staff will help you for everything and you will meet lots of people. Thank you teachers for helping me to be brave and ask questions.”

Ali, Saudi Arabia

“Very fun summer camp – I recommend.”

Sofia, Spain

“It has been an amazing experience. I met very good friends and the teachers were amazing. I felt very comfortable every day. Thank you so much for being so cool.”

Enes, Turkey

“Lewis School is one of the best schools, if not the best. Lessons are really fun.”

Asia, Italy

“The teachers were really nice and the lessons were very fun and interactive, which made it easy for us to bond and make friends.”

Doga, Turkey

“There were so many nationalities in one class and it was a magnificent experience to see how is the situation in other countries. Teachers gave us lots of opportunities to talk. I have never got bored. 1.5 hours passed as a minute.”

Apostalis, Greece

“I think it was the best experience I’ve ever had!”

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