Amazing Facilities at our Southampton Junior Centre

Spark Building, Solent University

One of the most attractive features of our Southampton Summer Junior Centre is the campus itself!

The Spark

We’re based at the magnificent Spark Building, Solent University’s £33m teaching and learning building with fantastic facilities and stunning modern architecture.
The Spark’s atrium is 60 metres high and contains 40 hi-tech teaching spaces (35 classrooms and 5 lecture theatres). At its centre, towering above you, is The Pod – an impressive boat-like structure with a lecture theatre inside and seating on top.
Try out a 360-degree virtual tour of the Spark here (click on the left and right arrows to explore different views).

More New Facilities – and a New Video!

But that’s not all – a stunning new sports centre opened up in 2019 and our residence has also recently been refurbished.
You can see all of these features for yourself in our brand new video below.

Find Out More

As well as these wonderful new facilities, our centre has long been a favourite for being right in the city centre, opposite a beautiful park and next to our Adult School, as well as for offering a choice of homestay and residential accommodation.
Our Southampton Summer Junior Centre is for ages 11-17 and runs from 26 June to 21 August 2022.
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