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New for 2018 – Introducing the ‘House’ System

At our junior centres next summer, we’ll be adding a new twist to our activities programmes.

We’ll be following the British school tradition of grouping students together in ‘houses’ (just like in Harry Potter). On arrival, each student will be placed into one of four houses. Each house will have a name and a colour. Students in the same house will work together during activity sessions, and ultimately compete together against students from the three other houses towards the end of each week.

The competitive activities will take various different forms, from performances and debates to sports tournaments. Points will be awarded to each house, and the winning house will be announced at the end of each week.

This system is designed to create a sense of identity and community, and to encourage team building and collaboration. It helps build friendships across cultures and gives further motivation to each activity. Both literally and figuratively, it’s sure to add an extra splash of colour to our already vibrant junior centres!

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