Mzoon’s Poem to Lewis School

We love to get feedback from our students, but it becomes extra special when it’s in the form of a poem!

The poem below is by Mzoon from Saudi Arabia and was read out at our Friday Fiesta. This is our weekly ceremony where we say goodbye to the students who are leaving that week, present course certificates and give out our Student of the Week award. We also have doughnuts, biscuits and healthy snacks!

It’s become a tradition for Alex, our Director of Studies, to read out a poem at our Friday Fiesta. Usually, it’s a well-known poem that Alex has chosen himself, but this month he set the students the challenge of writing their own masterpiece!

Here is Mzoon’s lovely piece of work. She is pictured above, on the right.


6 weeks at Lewis

And now I write a poem,

Trying to help Alex

From being the weekly victim.


On this lovely Friday… I want to say:

I’m glad to study here,

with great staff that

make you feel near.

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