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“Teachers were great and they’ve brought me an important change in my English knowledge.”
Jesus, Portugal
“Lewis School felt like a home for me. The teachers and the classmates were amazingly likeable and approachable. I’ve been apart from my family for 11 months, but I never felt alone.”
Clemilde, Angola
“The Lewis School is an amazing school! I believe that students learn English properly, make many friends from different cultures and the school has great teachers.”
Tatsuya, Japan
“In my opinion, Lewis is a gorgeous school for students. They are professional about exam and General English. If you have an issue about anything, they can find solution very quickly.”
Busra, Turkey
“Everyone is really nice. The school building is great. This is the perfect place to learn.”
Laure, France
“I loved it! The topics in the syllabus were very useful for me and the teaching was fun. I’m really happy with how much my English has improved.”
Nermeen, Saudi Arabia
“The teachers at the Lewis School are very friendly. They have a lot of experience and patience.”
Sona, Czech Republic

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