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Marcella Ciravegna


Hello! I am Marcella, Head of Marketing and Operations at the Lewis School.

I began my career as a teacher of English and then a School Director in Italy. Then my curiosity for different cultures and passion for different language learning processes saw me travel extensively around the world before relocating to the UK over 15 years ago.

It was then that I moved into Marketing and Operations. I have been with Lewis since 2010 and truly enjoy it.

You can contact me for individual and group information, specialist projects and programmes in either Italian or English. I will be able to find the best solution for you and your students. You can also email me regarding this website for feedback and any other suggestion.

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Photo ofMarcella Ciravegna ~ Lewis School of English
Marcella Ciravegna ~ Lewis School of English
Job Title
Head of Marketing & Operations
Lewis School of English


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